Emerging Solutions

Ortus Africa in partnership with the Innovation Village is tracking solutions to the challenges posed by COVID-19

Emerging Solutions

It is estimated over 60% – 70% of Micro and Medium Enterprises have had to close their doors as a result of Government’s directive that encourages social distancing, halts international imports and exports and consequentially results in increased domestic demand and limited supply of products.

Currently, more than one million people have lost their jobitel jobs, been sent on unpaid leave or had their salaries unpaid. The Ministry of Finance has projected that two million and five hundred Ugandans may fall back into poverty. xjobs

In a country like Uganda with limited social safety nets for employees and employers, the Covid-19 crisis will cause untold suffering to millions and a massive shock to the economy with multiplier effects.

During this crisis, it is essential for the private sector, particularly the innovation ecosystem, to showcase their impact on the economy. There are several start-ups that are working towards transforming our analog economy, which is reliant on brick and mortar stores, into digital and cashless businesses. There are start-ups that have reinvented industries such as supply chain services within this ecosystem including logistics, distribution, education and instant and scalable communication.

This is even more urgent at present and these initiatives need to be accelerated to kick start our economy and cushion the impact of the likely economic downturn that may result as a consequence of this global pandemic.

In partnership with The Innovation Village, Ortus Africa will be highlighting these startups in Uganda and how they can support business continuity.

Company Theme Solution
Last Mile Content Dissemination Provides several technological solutions to make content accessible to both literate and illiterate audiences.
Solar powered audio players that are used to provide health education.
Distribute content without the need of any internet connection and independently from the electric grid.
Design Without Borders

Last Mile Content DisseminationDesigned graphic content that communicates key information related to COVID-19 in different media formats - in various local languages (8 at the moment)

The Medical Concierge Group
Health - Supply Chain & Distribution Digital solution connecting people to health services through linkage to doctors, mobile laboratory services and medicine minimizing the movement of people and / or patients
Minute 5
Supply Chain & Distribution Supports the local farmers by providing an online grocery store for them where they can sell their produce. Online groceries store which enables you do groceries' shopping without leaving your home or place of work and then deliver to your doorstep.
Xente App
Supply Chain & Distribution Platform that enables businesses / shops list and sell products to over 50,000 customers and 50+ businesses using the Xente App.
MoTIV – Makers of The Future

Health - Employment Enabling tailors get jobs and enabling production of locally made medically approved masks that can be worn by civilians in public
Supply Chain & Distribution Delivers seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, irrigation equipment, farm tools, animal feeds and feed supplements to small holder farmers within 1 day anywhere in Uganda.
Sun-Beats Ventures Ltd, based in Jinja
Distribution Supply and deliver all foods, fruits, vegetables and other key merchandise that individuals need in their homes. Sun-beats ventures receive orders from individuals and make purchases and deliver these orders at the customers' door steps.
Maarifasasa LimitedEducation Shulesasa is a Learning Management System that offers the easiest way to manage training and online learning remotely.
www.bodabeapp.com based in Jinja
Supply Chain & Distribution Multi-service booking & delivery platform. By using the mobile app or call center, customers can book a ride for packages and have orders delivered from restaurants, pharmacies and markets delivered to them on-demand.
Code 256 LimtedLast Mile Prototype - Working on WhatsApp BOT about coronavirus. You can use it by: Save the contact +917834811114 on your phone. Send a WhatsApp saying, PROXY MUNNOAPP, Select local language and chat with MUNNO. Currently, this bot provides you with latest numbers across the world related to the pandemic, tips and FAQs on the disease, myths surrounding COVID-19, travel advice, and latest news from the health organization.
Tripxio Supply Chain & Distribution
Prototype - The Tripxio solution can help small businesses create online stores, distribute their inventory online, accept customers, accept payments and remain sustainable during the pandemic. The solution allows them to create stores in the form of e-commerce websites, list multiple products on a simple yet modern interface, and a basic back end to manage purchases, payments and distribution. Merchants will be registered, helped to upload their products and they can easily start selling.
Attravibe Education Prototype - An online content exchange platform for University students, lecturers and publishers remotely especially in times of University shut down due to the Corona virus pandemic. Students access well refined notes, textbooks and journals from trusted publishers and their lecturers remotely at very affordable prices. Prototyped with four universities